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Cricket Wireless Reviews

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  • Cricket Broken Phone

    I bought a Muve Music Phone for $275 from a Cricket Wireless Dept. Store 6 months ago. This phone has been falling apart. A piece to connect the headphones to has broken on the inside of this phone. I took it back to the department store to see how i could get it fixed and i was informed that it would cost me $50 dollars even though i carry insurance with my service. Also my picture lens is so foggy i cannot send pics to my family and friends. I've seen other older phones from other service providers that still take great pictures. People ask me who do i have service with and i am so... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    yemiyam's Picture   yemiyam    0 Comments   Comments
  • cricket stole money from me

    After being a customer with cricket for over 2yrs I've went thru two batteries from my phone overheating. Several chargers & constant call drops. I've only been late on a bill 5x and even then I paid it no later than a week from the due date. Today I tried to pay my bill thru text since every other payment method they bill you. I used my card to make a payment of $51.00. So I text *PAY and the last 4digits on my CC. They took it upon themselves to charge me twice. For the past due current october bill & the future november 15th bill. A rep calls herself fixing things by... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    shantel88's Picture   shantel88    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Cell phone has crappy service.

    My cricket service doesn't work where I live, it use to work all the time but recently it doesn't anymore, I can't even call customer service or even dial 211 to reprogram the phone but when I go a far distance from my area it works all of a sudden, this sucks I've been a cricket customer for 6 years now and all the customer service representatives tell me, "your phone is old," seems like it's doing just fine choosing where it want's to work and where not to. More...
    mrowlan8's Picture   mrowlan8    2 Comments   Comments
  • No Cell Signal in a supposed Cricket covered area

    I have been a Cricket customer for several years and have never had issue (except when calling customer service - I'd sooner stand in line at a retail store). However, I am at my wits end due to the constant dropped calls, no signal and intermittent internet service on our cell phones. We have 3 phones, all cricket and 3 unlimited lines of service, we pay $170/month for this and yet, since moving into my current neighborhood, we just can't get a signal. Crickets coverage maps show that, yes, we ARE in the service area, but apparently all you have to do is look at our signals and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Scotlass's Picture   Scotlass    1 Comments   Comments
  • my phone sucks

    I went. In cricket to getva new phone and got the back school phone android an may I say since I hadthe phone it fucking sucks...I been in the store 2times reset my phone etc....and it still doing the same I dont have time to keep goin back to the store...I'll like my money back r a better phone for free like the iphone feel free to call me at 5123836557 More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    mfruge21's Picture   mfruge21    1 Comments   Comments
  • cricket

    I think cricket is the worst phone company ever It is a straight rip off, After you had the phone for a few months It starts blinking and blinking You can't make a call you can't turn it off And when you return to a cricket store They inform you that you must buy another phone, They told me I needed a new battery I bought the battery and it still didn't work, And the same exact thing happens with my daughters cricket phone I would suggest no one buys a cricket phone what a rip off More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    butterfinger's Picture   butterfinger    0 Comments   Comments

    Went to a Cricket Wireless store in Arkansas. They flashed my phone. I wasn't told that my phone would be rendered inoperable as a result. Left the store. Had no internet and many dropped calls. Went back to the store the next day. The phone was flashed a second time. Had internet for a very brief time. Many dropped calls. Poor reception. You have ruined my damn phone. The Sprint network (which is where I was before Cricket) will not accept my phone back into its network. Had I known the service was substandard, I would never ever have gotten involved with Cricket. You... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    slmcbride's Picture   slmcbride    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid Cricket at all cost!

    I switched from Sprint to Cricket. Only intended to stay with Cricket temporarily while I found another carrier. Cricket flashed my phone into their system. Every other call dropped, no internet. I went back to the store where they flashed my phone again. I had internet when I walked out. By the time I got in the car it was gone. Still every other call dropped. When I tried to get back with Sprint, I was told that my phone was inoperable. That Sprint would not be able to activate it as it had been flashed by Cricket. Now I'm without a phone. Thanks Cricket, for... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    slmcbride's Picture   slmcbride    0 Comments   Comments
  • why does my phone keep breaking

    I am very disappointed with cricket I had to get the same phone because my screen came off I had to pay $ 50 dollars for a replacement phone and the same thing happened my screen came off and I haven't dropped it or anything so can someone please tell me why my phone keeps breaking and I want a new phone for no charger right away I have been a customer fot the past 3 years and if this keeps happing I will switch company's More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    eganm1234's Picture   eganm1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    I walked in the store at west market street in greensboro by food lion and a guy was in there, I didnt realize he wasnt a customer, based on his clothes and the fact that he said nothing to me until i walked up to the counter. Then i asked a question about a pay go account, and he in turn tells me he knows nothing about this type of account, that CRICKET didn't have it anymore, though i was standing there with a pay go CRICKET phone in my hand... he then clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes and proceeded to tell me that he knows nothing of any pay go plans, and that i need to check... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • internet service on decline

    Been with Cricket for nearly four ywars, at first the service was fine but over httte yesars it began to degrade, to the point now that I seem to be spending more time troubleshooting the connection than being online. While I live in a slight "shadow" the signal was still steady, slow but stable, until about a year ago. When I finally took the modem unit (their branded E600B) to the central store in downtown Portland (OR), I was told the modem was pretty much wearing out and I needed a new one. Well I thought fine, I've been paying extra for insurance every month to cover... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    BCShelby's Picture   BCShelby    1 Comments   Comments

    HORRIBLE SERVICE AND LIED. Horrible reception. Can not understand a word on a call plus dropped calls (ALL THE TIME). No bars for internet service. was told that I would need to keep their crappy service for 45 day to recive the rebate on the phone. Go to cancel on the 46 day and guess what . No rebate if i cancel within the 60 days that it will take them to process my rebate. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    bgromero's Picture   bgromero    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broadband not working

    I purchased a cricket crosswave wifi hotspot, with the intension of using it with my laptop when I was somewhere without wifi connection. Took it home followed the instructions to set it up, but when it came time to get it going, a message kept coming up not connected to the internet. At first I thought I had set it up wrong, but on my laptop it was giving me the impression that it was connected. I tried also to set it up with my ereader with the same results, called customer service, the person was helpful but even that was not much help. I went back to the store, the person there tried to... More...
    jazzy123's Picture   jazzy123    0 Comments   Comments
  • they over charge, Cricket staff says they can do what they want.

    I bought CricketBroadband crosswave. They offer a $65 prepaid heavy user plan. They say it connects up to five devices, watch YouTube, Hulu ect. I put $150 on my account, that lasted about 2weeks. I put $70 on my account that lasted about a week. I put another $70 on my account that lasted less then 24 hours! I called customer service, she was rude raised her voice talking over me. She said Cricket can do whatever they want including stopping and slowing peoples services. There staff even with my prepaid account want card and bank info for extra fees. They say when my prepay runsout they... More...
    sschimitis's Picture   sschimitis    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Wireless WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER Won't Stop Auto Billing

    We cancelled out account and returned our wireless device to a Cricket store because we had no coverage and the internet connection was terrible. We had signed up for auto bill pay. The very next month they charged our credit card anyway. My husband spent 90 minutes on the phone with them getting bounced from department to department and NO ONE would help us. Finally talked with a rep at the Cricket store and they said we had to bring in a copy of our bill and fill out a refund request. The store is an HOUR away from us. This is exactly the kind of sucky customer service they have.... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    corgigal's Picture   corgigal    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Customer Service

    I visited the Cricket store at 3509 S. Noland Rd in Independence, MO and received careless service. I had some girl named Melissa Rodriguez who didn't really want to help was like she wanted to rush thru the process of me getting a new phone, never gave me any options or what I could save by getting something that makes more sense. She had very little to no knowledge about the phones...the whole time she was just listening to songs, texting and talking to her friends while selling me a new phone. I WOULD NEVER GO BACK to that location...seems like everyone is just too laid back... More...
    Hmmm05's Picture   Hmmm05    0 Comments   Comments
  • this company is terrible

    The customer service is terrible i called and made a ten dollar payment so i could use my phone for an emergency all i could afford was ten dollars at the time because i was broke and they didn't give me an option on the automated machine to just get 10 dollars worth of calling so i chose the cheapest one which was the 25 dollar plan thinking it would still let me use my 10 dollars but it did not and i keep trying to call them to change my rate plan but all it keeps saying is there are no representatives at this time now mind you iv had this 10 dollars in my account for a month now and... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    dreamgirlbc's Picture   dreamgirlbc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Wireless is a dishonest company

    I cancelled my 3 year service with Cricket and was told I would be recieving a refund...since I had just paid my most recent bill. I waited for 2 months and never recieved anything from Cricket. So I called Customer Service just tonight and was told I would NOT be getting any type of refund at all. The agent was foreign so I couldn't understand her explanation as to why Cricket had lied to me back on January 1. I most defintely will NOT recommend Cricket to anyone and will let others know of their blatant dishonest... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    tflusche's Picture   tflusche    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Phone service and service

    I have recorded voice conversations with Cricket employees throwing us back and forth from one dept to another. We never used tehir services, returned their phones because they did not offer what they promised, and we received a full refund of the phone. BUt they have charged our credit card without consent for the monthly fes although the phones were returned and the service cancelled. I have recorded phone calls where they are telling me they will refund me, and now i received a no reply e-mail stating that our credit is being denied because our service is still active although no... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    CONTROLLER's Picture   CONTROLLER    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Wireless poor company!

    do not go with cricket wireless. there phones and buisness are crappy. i bought my phone a few days before christmas and in the begining of january my internet completely shut down. i called to see about my account and it said i had 1242 grams of data and used 1242 grams of data and i have 0 grams of data remaing. but how is that so? when this company provides UNLIMITED data, calls, ect. so now until im at home all i can do on my phone is call and text. i cant even use my apps without data. so i have to home home and connect my phone to the wif to have interent access. good thing i have... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    ashleybeaux1's Picture   ashleybeaux1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket has NO Customer Service by phone or internet

    I've had Cricket for over 3 years now. While the coverage in my area is adequate, I really am going to finally change providers because NO ONE IS HOME!!! There is absolutely NO WAY to talk to a live person regarding service issues. None, zip, nadda. I have had several occasions of needing to just talk to someone and I have to drive all over town to find the "right" store (not all can do all things). I can't even send corporate an email or snail mail because they don't give you information to do so anywhere on the website. Customer Service (REAL service) is my #1... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    sfoxloken's Picture   sfoxloken    0 Comments   Comments
  • Star

    When I call Cricket Wireless my call is going directly to the Phillipines. I asked the representive if she transfer my call to a representative here in the U.S. and she told me there's NO CALL CENTER HERE IN THE U.S. Is this company owned by an American and if so why doesn't he/she have any call center her in the U.S. I'm about ready to cancel all cell phone and internet service with them....We need call centers here in the USA, tired of these companies shipping the jobs elsewhere so they can save money. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Kite955's Picture   Kite955    0 Comments   Comments
  • A RIP OFF!!!

    I purchased (online) a handset from Cricket. Order Date: 2012-11-29 Order Number: 143989760 I have not been able to use my Cricket handset since 12/6/12 and still not able to. They sent me a DEFECTIVE handset, it stopped working not even one week after purchase. All day yesterday I spent time on the phone with customer service, the escalation department (#CR1004038), tech support and visited a corporate Cricket store to be told that my insurance did not cover the it (I WAS NEVER TOLD WHAT IS DIDN'T COVER - REQUEST A COPY OF THE CHAT TRANSCRIPT). EVERY rep tells me I need to pay MORE... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • English speaking rep's? not!

    Short version: Cricket needs agent who not only speak English well, but also in a manner that we can UNDERSTAND THEM. Stop outsourcing agents to save money. I dealt with 4 rep's today and understood one of them well; 1 out of 4=not doing a good job there. In addition, the one that I was able to understand gave me incorrect information. No wonder the stores in my area are dwindling to almost nothingness. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    zisimarduk's Picture   zisimarduk    1 Comments   Comments
  • Three Weeks Of Internet Misery!

    I thought it would be nice not to have to search for "hot spots" around the Tucson area, where I just moved. Thinking, take the little modem, plug it in, and there you go! I can't even complete my emails or search on line with Cricket. Not to mention the sales person tells me that I can hook up with my tablet. I had the tablet in my truck and said I can go get it. He tells me, "Oh, not to worry", it will work. NO, it doesn't. I read the "contract" and no cash or credit card returns. Does this mean I have to buy crap from their store? Great! The... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Horrible Customer Service and Communication

    Tried to pay my wifes phone bill to restore service on our month to month plan. Billing confirmed reciept of the payment as did my bank statement. Customer service (who barely spoke english) applied my payment as a past due amount. Then when attempting to correct the mistake (which took 5 days to figure out) lost the payment. When I tried to cancle my phone and get a refund on my account (that had not been used yet) was told no just because they don't do that unless its an over payment. I've been with other companies but Cricket is by far the worst across the board. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    bossom1903's Picture   bossom1903    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket Wireless Customer Service Sucks Bigtime!!!

    Terrible experience with Crickets Roeland Park & Lenexa, KS stores Cutomer Service!!! Retail Sales Manager DJ Duran doesn't acknowledge a complaint, left him voicemails that we had issues with the two stores, no answer & hard to get a hold off.. Hope & Jovanni from the Lenexa store are rude & incompetent, Mirasol from the Roeland Park store is a big joke!!! Worst Customer Service ever, no Employee empowerment!!! All they want is to charge you money but didn't really care about their Customers!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    cricketsucks's Picture   cricketsucks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket suckz!!!

    I have had this phone for almost two yearz. & Have had NOTHING but PROMBEMZ with it. I cal all the time, & they make me shut of my phone, Yeah ok, thatz y i bought this expensive ass phone lol NOT It never helpz either. When i call theyre rude, don't even speak english!! Seriously LMFAO So NOw i jacked my number from criket & now I'm with Verizon & I love it. I haven't decided what im goin to do with the phone for you people, lol I might run it over with my car repeatedy, or smash it to piecez with a hammer , or let my boyfriend shoot it with his bow,... More...
    samantha89's Picture   samantha89    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lousy, misleading internet service

    Thank you, Cricket, for making it so darn easy to switch to another internet provider. I was a loyal Cricket customer for three years. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and believe it or not, three years ago high speed internet was not available in south St. Louis, where I live. Even ATT had dial-up only. U-Verse is not available in all areas of the city. Seems that companies here do not want to pay for underground internet/cable set-ups. Everything was okay at first. I knew that Cricket was not broadband or high speed as they claimed. It was dial-up, and I was fine with that. Set up was... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    rubyangel's Picture   rubyangel    2 Comments   Comments
  • Don't buy Cricket!

    Well here is one more bad review for the pile. I recently bought a Cricket smart phone, ZTE with Muve music, and I am simply disgusted with the lack of service and horrible customer service. I call it customer disservice. I've had a Cricket broadband modem for about a year and while traveling recently I was impressed with the broadband coverage on my laptop. I've been shopping for smart phones and when I saw Cricket phones for sale at Walmart I decided I would try the Cricket pay-as-you-go plan. Big mistake! I was traveling north and south on Interstate Highway 35, very... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    fedupinok's Picture   fedupinok    0 Comments   Comments
  • My Cricket Refund

    Hi my name is Tameka and I have a Cricket account, we had our Sprint phones flashed by Cricket, June 14th I called to make a payment, but when I called my check didn't go thru, so I went online and put my check info into the computer. I spoke with a representative who asked me questions in order for it to go thru. Not knowing that my fiance had already went up to a Cricket location to pay the bill he called me and told me he paid $60 and we have new numbers and I needed to press *228 to update phone info, so I called Cricket right back and told them I needed that check cancelled, the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    tlbail02's Picture   tlbail02    1 Comments   Comments

    (Mobile Phones)
    KLARKIN17's Picture   KLARKIN17    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service in the industry

    I have tried Cricket Wireless service twice with horrible, disappointing results both times. The price is good but the actual coverage is terrible in my area (washington dc) and there customer service is inconceivably bad. They have rarely resolved any coverage or billing issues. They are only trained to apologize and restate your complaint. They have a total no refund policy so when I cancelled service the second time, they refused to return payment for the unused portion of my monthly service. Cricket is horrible, horrible, horrible!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    alanrsoon's Picture   alanrsoon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst coverage and even worse customer service

    I have tried Cricket Wireless service twice with horrible, disappointing results both times. The price is good but the actual coverage is terrible in my area (washington dc) and there customer service is inconceivably bad. They have rarely resolved any coverage or billing issues. They are only trained to apologize and restate your complaint. They have a total no refund policy so when I cancelled service the second time, they refused to return payment for the unused portion of my monthly service. Cricket is horrible, horrible, horrible!!!! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    AlanS's Picture   AlanS    2 Comments   Comments
  • Quick wireless bad customer service

    this lady is always the same one in this store and she is never polite, or helpful. she speeks very low and never seems happy to help you. I will never return her after i took me three days to get a phone flashed. Cricket is knoown for bad but i have been a happy customer for 9 years now...until this store.. i may go with new service next month to avoid these chances again. the small authorized dealer do not hold the same respect for the company as a cricket location would. More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    I thought that when I ended my contract with att & switched to cricket I was making a frugal decision. Frugal yes, smart, no. I bought the ZTE Score from my local walmart. I got the $55 a month plan for unlimited data, texts & 1000 anytime min. First problem, Muve Music app tells me that in order to proceed with anything a critical update is required & all previous data would be saved. I said ok since I was unable to do anything further at this point, even access the music I already downloaded. After the update, I go to download music. It appears to download, but when I look in... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Britt's Picture   Britt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cricket wireless poor service and phones

    I first tried Cricket wireless when it first came to Milwaukee, WI because a relative in Phoenix, Az was so pleased with it in 2008 so I was excited that they were available and gave it a try. within my first week of service my phone was not working the way it should and took it to the store just to find out there was nothing i could do because i used more than 30 minutes. so of course i was disappointed but i needed a phone so i went to a different phone company and said forget about cricket. now i've been with Sprint for 4 years now and saw all the great features that cricket had to... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    memi's Picture   memi    0 Comments   Comments
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