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Cricket Wireless Reviews

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  • prepaid account

    I paid for a prepaid account. I could not get service even though I was promised I could get it. Now I cannot get a refund. I had to go back to Verizon. Now I am out of $154 for a phone I cannot use because the one tower in my area does not work from my address. Got 2 phones from cricket in Winder Ga. Was told I would get service. Showed me map. Got home tried to call .Got message (emergency call only) I immediatyely went back to Cricket. They removed and replaced Bat. Went home Same problem.Found it does this when no signal. Back to store and asked to return it. Told I need to go... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • No refund on double payment they had me make or no credit

    I have two phone on one account one broke so we had to make a claim the same day we made a payment it was Sept 2, 2015 the inside said his phone is on back order every week I have called And we still don't have a phone it supposed to still be on back order after a month OK it's now Aug 2, when we paid our bill Sept 2nd we ask if we need to Just pay for one phone until we get the other phone customer service said we need to plunder both on one account 134 dollars she said what we don't use will be credit to my account I have had a couple times the customer service was very... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • I was lied to directly to my face

    I am travelling in the USA and needed a SIM card that could give mea lot of data. I was told by the service agent in the cricket store in Central LA on Wilson & Wilshire that I could buy a SIM card and be charged $60 for free calls and text as well as 10GB of data that I could use up until my data ran out, no matter if it exceeded a month. So I bought it and after checking my account and having a discussion with a cricket represent ice over chat, it seems that I have been directly lied to in order to be sold a product that doesn't exist. I have photos of this conversation as well... More...
  • phone not repaired

    I took my phone to the cricket store because my phone quit working properly. The lg l70 phone would start then recycle off then back on constantly. The cricket store looked at the phone and couldn't fix the issue. The store clerk checked the phone for damages as well to make sure there was no water damage. The store clerk then dialed cricket warranty and I made a warranty claim. I had 5 days left on the manufactures warranty. I received an email with a RA number and shipping label. I sent my phone back the same day. I waited 5 days then contacted cricket warranty and was... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • SIM card activation.

    Ok . Today at Walmart mart we bought a SIM card for the bring your own phone. Ran home to activate it. We live in a newer plan, so after entering our info. We hit submit button, it tells us, that the address isn't right( it's still not in some databases it's a new construction) it won't let me proceed. So I call the number give the cricket rep all the info. After 40 minutes on the phone he says let me call you back. Give him my info. Never hear back. Write to customer service. They say go to a store. Drive all the way out to the store. They say there is nothing... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • no rebate as promised

    Nov 14 2014 I bought a phone that had $75 rebate. Mailed all necessary paperwork. 1st check: They have my info and in third phase of four. Card does not arrive. I check again and now the rebate center no longer had my info. Many complaints and calls and texts correspondence and no card. No help in clearing up issue. Cricket rep and super both promised checking into it with promise to call following day with something. No calls as promised. I need info of someone I can deal with in resolving this issue. I fulfilled my part: 90 consecutive days of continuous service and monthly... More...
  • cricket phone not working

    I had used cricket for many years and the few times I had problems customer service was torture to deal with never really made me happy at all and of course they give you no email service. I have anxiety and I don't even want to call these places anymore. Anyway despite this continued using their service and now for about 6 months my unlimited phone has not made phone calls or texts much of the time though I continue to be charged for a service I am barely getting..the last 3 months have been unbarely and I just got a new phone I wanted to flash and use but this month I have had almost... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • cricket wireless phone

    hi iam jenu and i have to change voicemail set up that is ( when i take connection i set up a some words in voicemail if some one calls me and they dont got me then the message which i saved and it will be heared by them and after that record their i want to change it soon even in this day,message me to or call 267-234-2738 soon as you can and this is the number which i have problem. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • bait & switch

    my phone only been on two days it hasn't even been on two daysone of those days I guess you could count as a nightI might not have and one day out of which I've only been able to use my phone a few times730 friday I went to the store and have my phone turn onsince then I've had to call customer service like 5 times and I've been to the store itself 4 times that is not a customer service let alone good customer servicethey're trained to talk to you in circles you have to scream at them before they listen to you otherwise you say something and they repeat the opposite... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • My Refund

    I have been trying since the 14th of June to get my refund from Cricket. They went into my account and took out money that was never supposed to be taken out or hadn't even gone thru according to Agent 0539, she didn't give me her number. What really upset me is my fiance and I had our Sprint Phones flashed and they did some shadiness with my fiance's Sprint phone, they scanned another phone that was a Motorola razor phone which neither one of us have and we found this out at the corporate office off of 45S freeway and Monroe St Houston Texas. They informed us that whomever... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • service

    Cricket won't give me the proper technical support I need because I'm on a bridge pay. Why is the money I paid to this company treated like crap! Its still my hard earned money! And since cricket has my money I deserve customer care! Its a new billing cycle and my internet has been operating very very slow :-( I'm not happy! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Crashing software

    After my client apparently reverted from Cricket to she no longer can connect. The version cashes with "cricketbroadband.exe stopped working." We installed, uninstalled, re-installed, both from the web site and from the modem itself and still get the same message. We updated everything, ran sfc, checked all files for corruption, ran a disk scann, uninstalled, deleted the folders, reinstalled, and the same thing. We found version 1950 and installed it. It opens but cannot find the A600 modem. Device mgr says the modem is fine and we can install DUN... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • No Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding is supposed to be included in my plan, but it has never worked. I have talked to 8 different representatives, and emailed 6 times. I have been promised they would contact me, and they never have. Today, I got a representative and she HUNG UP ON ME as soon as I gave my name. I tried again, and received message "All representatives are busy," and was bounced out of the system! More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • my Cricket service no longer allows access to Hotmail account

    Flashed phone to Cricket no longer allows me access to my Hotmail account. After being given much runaround by Cricket, I saw online at library that people with Cricket phones are having this problem too, so it's not just my flashed phone. Guy at the Cricket store just told me he had not heard of the problem and when I asked for someone else that could report this problem, I was basically ignored. Before I left the store, he just happened to try his Cricket phone that he said he could access Hotmail on. To his surprise, he can't open his Hotmail account right now either. Several... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • rip off

    i wen tt o go buy a phone , they told me the phone was 200 but id get 50 dollars back. i bought it and that was in march now its june and i havent recived anything. so i went to the store where i bought iand it turns out the lady who had helped us buy the phone was suppost to give us this paper and fill it out, she just told us that t would arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks , she lied to us. and now theres no way for us to get those 50 dollars back. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Billing

    Cricket telling me I have a balance due tomorrow, Cricket owes me 2 mos free service for all 3 lines on my account. I prepaid 795.00 cash for 6 mos service on 7/20/10. This covered svc thru 2/15/11 and now I should get 2 mos svc for free as they promote 1 free mo svc for every 3 mos prepaid. I also had a credit balance of 32.00 on my acct which they are taking and applying towards 2/16/11 bill. If my phones get shut off tomorrow I will take this issue as far as I have to in order to get what is due to me. I have made several calls in the past couple of months to verify and prevent exactly... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Return/Refund

    I have been a customer of Cricket Wireless for over a year. In October 2010, I ordered a new phone through Cricket's website. The company failed to include proper address information, as provided to them, which caused a delivery failure that I had to resolve myself with Federal Express. When I got the phone, Cricket was unable to activate it. My original phone was purchased in Las Vegas, NV, and worked very well when I moved to San Francisco. However, the limitations of Cricket's service left them unable to activate the new phone while I was in San Francisco. The customer... More...
    (Mobile Phones)

    (Mobile Phones)

    From day one of purchasing a broadband card and service it didn't work right and all the store we purchased it from would do was tell us to call technical support or go to a corporate store. All technical support would tell us was that they had done everything the could and that we needed to take it back to the store we got it from . The store we got it from wouldn't do anything and said we had to take it to the corporate store. The corporate store said they couldn't do anything because none of the 3 calls we had made to tech support had been documented on our account and... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • cricket wireless

    i paid my bill on 12 5 09. Since then my service has been suspended 3 times. I cannot get through to customer service. why is this happening ive gone to the cricket store and was assured the problem would be taken care of, but as of now 12 9 09 my cell is suspended again, so i basically was robbed of my hard earned money. I payed my bill and have no service, is that fair?? No. and no one at that company will permanently fix this problem, cant even get to a customer service rep. I am disgusted with the service at cricket, its pathetic. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Cricket Refund

    Yesterday, 10/21/09,you disconnected my phone, I called to find out way. I was informed by the customer service rep. that it didnt show a payment for Oct 19th (which I made and have the email confirming it!) so maybe it didnt go through and to pay on the phone, so I give her my info to pay and tell her that if the $61.98 goes through, since my bank already said it had, to not charge my card for the payment of $66.98 (your lovely $5 phone charge!) Then today I see you took both payments, call and talk to the manager Kate. She just said I had the choice of either having a credit or waiting... More...
    (Cable TV)


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