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Cricket Wireless Complaint - Cricket - CRICKET WIRELESS
Cricket Wireless Complaint

Cricket Wireless Complaint



Stay away from Crooked! Terrible coverage, false promises and one of the worst costumer service departments I've seen, I can't even talk to somebody to cancel my service.

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Avasobergirl says: (8 years ago)
cricket they lied to me i wish they would know how to resad a map and train thier staff do they have a signal booster? that would be a tremendous help. i have a signal but it goes in and out eith the wind!!!! Does any one know how to remedy this? contact Avasobergirl @live.com

cricketripoff says: (8 years ago)
I am currently collecting information about Cricket upper management to name them specifically in a lawsuit and submittal to the Attorney General for federal prosecution for fraud. Please send any contact information on cricket management you may have.

Please don't list the specifics of your complaint. Only list information on management or corporate personnel such as addresses, phone numbers, and names.

Thank You

stevesd619 says: (8 years ago)
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Donald Moreno Ruben- From what I have read, This throttling is done so that everyone has a fair chance to have the mobile broadband speeds. It seems all of the mobile providers are doing this. I really don't have any issues with cricket. I believe this is done to slow down the pirated downloaders so that no one hogs ALL of the bandwidth. Even though I didn't like the word-play 'Unlimited', I still have service. SLOW, But I still have it.
about 2 months ago · Report
Ruben Carbajal Donald - your joking right, where does it say anywhere that cricket is supposed to do that, they say read you terms of conditions so i read it, it didnt say anything about that so i called them ask them to tell me where it sayed that, i talk to a manager he couldnt find it, then he said it was the one that was online so went online while i had him on the phone told me to show him where it sayed that, he couldnt find it, he told me that "IT WAS IMPLIED" so i ask him where was it implied he coulnd fint that to. there a bunch of bullshiters sorry
about 2 months ago · Report
Loyd Headrick you pay for an unlimited you should get it with no cap or throttling back this is unacceptable service
about a month ago · Report
Stephen Brackens- Brinkley I have to raise the question, "Why is unlimited not unlimited?" If you asked 500 persons what unlimited means in regards to Broadband, the majority would say, "Broadband without limits." UNLIMITED MEANS UNLIMITED. We can debate semantics til the cows come home, but when I am paying the highest rate for Broadband and Cricket imposed a cap on my download capability and it slows my entire internet surfing down, that is simply outrageous and unacceptable. I am barely able to navigate on the web productively since the cap and am unable for the most part to play the games on Facebook that I enjoy, namely Farmville and Mafia Wars.

Cricket has been the leader in low cost, affordable opportunity in the past and it does not bode well that the powers that be are conducting this broadband fiasco in such a manner. We have, thanks to Cricket, nationwide calling capability that is reasonable, affordable and really good. Don't back out now! Take the caps off the broadband even if it means charging slightly higher prices for it. We deserve better and so do you ! 5 or 10 Gigs in today's technological world is nothing. Step up Cricket and do the right thing !

Stephen Brinkley
about a week ago · Delete Post
Stephen Brackens- Brinkley I wrote my post on the Cricket throttling practice earlier. I am very angry at this time. My new billing cycle has begun, I have paid my bill, spoken to customer service twice, I am several days into the new billing period and the damnable throttling continues unabated. So what do you have to say to that, Cricket. You are illegally throttling me now, in violation of my contract. You people seem to think, Comcast et al, including you, Leap Communications that because of your money and the fact that people need the internet, that you are some kind of demi-gods above the law and THE TRUE FAIR PRACTICES. TAKE THE DAMN THROTTLE OFF MY ACCOUNT.
8 minutes ago · Edit Post · Delete Post

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